Have you tried to get pregnant for a long time, maybe done several IVFer or received many miscarriages and started to wonder what is wrong? Don't get the answers you want? Are you, perhaps, diagnosed as inexplicably childless? It is not a diagnosis – there is, of course, always a reason. If you take the time to find it. One in six couples in Sweden has problems getting children even though they have tried for at least a year. Childlessness can have both genetic, immunological and environmental explanations. When it comes to immunology, failed IVF & miscarriage, Sweden is unfortunately far neglected. There are no proper investigations before something as tough as IVF is started and there are not many subsequent examinations either. Instead of cultivating the myth that miscarriage is always due to the fact that there is something wrong with the embryo or woman, doctors should make an effort to find the real error.

Since infertility is classed as a disease of the WHO, t o m as a disability, you should not as a doctor be interested in finding out the reason and trying to remedy it..?

This page is for you, whether you are single, gay or heterosexual or live in any kind of relationship. The site is not written by or Faktagranskad by doctors but well by people with medical knowledge, people who ploughed information for a very long time and who have fought for a long period. We have learned a lot along the way, have had to seek information and we want to share this knowledge to hopefully make the path a little easier for you. Some feel stressed by a lot of information, some feel that knowledge = security and want to get to the bottom of their problem.

We are not yet taking up adoption, which in itself is a wonderful way to become a parent.

Good luck!






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